War & Peace: Of Nightclub Bouncers and Arms Control
War & Peace: Of Nightclub Bouncers and Arms Control
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War & Peace: Of Nightclub Bouncers and Arms Control

This week on War & Peace, Olga Oliker and Hugh Pope talk to Ulrich Kuehn, arms control expert at the Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy at the University of Hamburg, about deterrence and the implications for Europe and beyond of the dismantling of arms treaties.

Season 1 Episode 12: Of Nightclub Bouncers and Arms Control

“Policies today are geared toward power, strength and pushing back. They are not geared toward talking to each other, and that is the prerequisite for arms control”. 

For Ulrich Kuehn, our guest on War & Peace this week, we have entered an age of regression of predictability in the international military balance. States are gradually dismantling many of the treaties won in hard negotiations during and after the end of the Cold War, arguing that they have become obsolete.

What does this mean for those countries who depend on cooperative mechanisms, but who have little say in what happens to them? And what are the implications for Europe? Does it have the political and military strength to be an autonomous arms control actor?

Tune in now to find out more, including why it’s sometimes useful to think of deterrence in terms of how nightclubs view their bouncers. 

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