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Ashish Pradhan

Senior Analyst, UN Advocacy and Research
New York

Crisis Group Role

Ashish Pradhan is International Crisis Group’s Senior UN Analyst. He joined Crisis Group’s UN Team in New York in September 2015 and, alongside the Chief of Policy, represents the organisation at the United Nations. He is responsible for Crisis Group’s engagement with the UN Secretariat, Security Council members, and other member states and his work primarily focuses on African and Asian crises. Ashish regularly relays Crisis Group’s field-based analysis to UN officials and member state diplomats, especially in the lead-up to key Security Council discussions and resolutions. He also ensures that debates at UNHQ are adequately reflected in Crisis Group’s own reporting and policy prescriptions. 

Ashish previously worked for three years in Crisis Group’s Asia Program conducting research on the constitution-writing process in Nepal. He attended The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy for his masters and Georgetown University for his bachelors. His areas of expertise include constitution building, ethnic conflict, peacekeeping, and multilateral affairs. 

In The News

23 Apr 2021
It’s hard to downplay the risks in [Myanmar,] a very ethnically diverse country populated with a variety of armed movements and armed actors. Bloomberg

Ashish Pradhan

Senior Analyst, UN Advocacy and Research
12 Aug 2020
[The U.S. has done] a poor job concealing its intention to capitalize on the arms embargo expiration to dismantle [what remains of the nuclear deal]. The Japan Times

Ashish Pradhan

Senior Analyst, UN Advocacy and Research
9 Oct 2018
The fear now is whether the person who replaces [Nikki Hayley] will take an even tougher line against the UN, especially with National Security Advisor John Bolton now in the White House. France 24

Ashish Pradhan

Senior Analyst, UN Advocacy and Research

Latest Updates

Q&A / Europe & Central Asia

Grappling with Bosnia’s Dual Crises

The chief international representative in Bosnia has warned the country may break apart if Bosnian Serbs continue moving toward secession and Bosniaks and Croats do not resolve an electoral dispute. In this Q&A, Crisis Group experts Marko Prelec and Ashish Pradhan explain the two-pronged crisis.

Can the UN Security Council Agree on a Climate Security Resolution?

UN Security Council members are negotiating over a draft resolution on climate security, which, if it passes, will be the first of its kind. In this Q&A, Crisis Group experts Ashish Pradhan, Ulrich Eberle and Richard Gowan explain what is at stake in the talks.

Op-Ed / Asia

Oli’s Power Grab Endangers Nepal’s Fragile Democratic Transition

The insistence of Nepal's Prime Minister K.P. Sharm Oli on maintaining power marks a potentially dangerous juncture along his drift toward authoritarianism.

Originally published in World Politics Review

Q&A / Multilateral Diplomacy

Behind the Snapback Debate at the UN

In mid-August, Washington notified the UN Security Council that it was launching a 30-day process to “snap back” UN sanctions against Iran. In this Q&A, Crisis Group experts Richard Gowan, Ashish Pradhan and Naysan Rafati explain what this step implies for the 2015 nuclear agreement.

Also available in العربية, فارسی

Salvaging the Security Council’s Coronavirus Response

On 1 July, the UN Security Council adopted a resolution calling for a global COVID-19 ceasefire, as the Secretary-General had urged months earlier. Their appeal has fallen flat. Council members should use their August downtime to look at how it might still do some good.