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Elham Fakhro

Senior Analyst, Gulf States

Crisis Group Role

As Crisis Group’s Senior Analyst for Gulf States, Elham Fakhro works on security, conflict, and governance in the Gulf region.

Professional Background

Elham has over a decade of experience working on governance, politics and conflict in the Middle East. Before joining Crisis Group, she acted as a Lecturer at NYU Abu Dhabi, and as a Research Analyst with organisations including the International Institute for Strategic Studies. Elham has a Masters in International Human Rights Law from Harvard Law School and a Doctorate in Socio-Legal Studies from St Antony’s College, Oxford University. 


  • English
  • Arabic

In The News

18 Jul 2021
[Saudi Arabia can] reassert its role, particularly in the charity aid sector, which it always has been traditionally proud of [...] I think we can see [Saudi Arabia] expanding its aid into more Covid diplomacy. Washington Post

Elham Fakhro

Senior Analyst, Gulf States
13 Jun 2021
For those who care about the Palestinian side, they see every Israeli government as similar, they feel like the occupation is going to continue regardless and it doesn’t matter who is the face of it. The New York Times

Elham Fakhro

Senior Analyst, Gulf States
14 May 2021
Israel really isn’t dependent on [the Gulf states] and is not really going to change its behavior based on what they think. The Washington Post

Elham Fakhro

Senior Analyst, Gulf States

Latest Updates

Podcast / Africa

What Does Reconciliation among Gulf States Mean for Africa?

This week on The Horn, Alan Boswell is joined by Crisis Group’s Senior Analyst for Gulf States, Elham Fakhro, to discuss what the recent accord between the Gulf countries means for their geopolitical rivalries in the Horn of Africa.

Resolving the Gulf Crisis outside the Gulf

Officially, the dispute between Qatar and three of its Gulf neighbours is over. But the formal declaration says nothing about foreign policy, meaning that intra-Gulf rivalries could continue to stoke conflicts and political tensions in the Middle East and Africa.

Also available in العربية

COVID and Gulf Foreign Policy

While GCC policymakers have responded swiftly to the threat of COVID-19 domestically, some Gulf states deftly used the crisis to advance their foreign policy objectives with states with which they have had adversarial relationships. Only time will tell whether these new diplomatic opportunities will lay groundwork for concerted regional efforts.

Originally published in POMEPS Studies