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Froylán Enciso

Senior Analyst, Mexico
Aguascalientes City/Mexico City, Mexico

Crisis Group Role

Froylán Enciso produces policy materials and conducts advocacy, as Crisis Group's Mexico Senior Analyst. His work focuses on security, drug policy, organised crime, migration and impunity in Mexico.

He has spent more than 15 years as a historian and journalist, conducting extensive field research in Mexico and proposing initiatives to build up civil society capacities, improve governmental response to violence and conflict. He has also worked building alliances between non-governmental actors, media, academia and key governmental officials to address the underlying causes of violence, impunity, crime, and institutional weakness.

Areas of Expertise

  • Mexico
  • Drug policy 
  • Conflict resolution

Professional Background

  • PhD in History, Stony Brook University
  • Professor, Drug Policy Program, Center for Research and Teaching in Economics (2016)
  • Consultant, Diplomatic Archive Network, Ibero-American Summit (2007-2008)
  • Researcher, Mexico Bureau, Los Angeles Times (2002-2004)


  • English (fluent).
  • Spanish (native).

Select Publications

  • “Global prohibition regime of drugs and narcotraficking in Mexico”, El Colegio de México, 2013, video (subtitled in English).
  • Nuestra historia narcótica: pasajes para (re)legalizar las drogas en México [Our Drug History: Passages to (Re)legalise Drugs in Mexico], Debate, 2015, commented in The Independent.
  • Los reclamos de justicia de las víctimas como política de Estado [The Claims of Justice of the Victims as a State Policy], Belisario Domínguez Institute, Mexican Senate, 2016 [in Spanish].


In The News

8 Feb 2018
The repression of riots and the looting of stores [in Mexico] caused at least six deaths and thousands of arrests. The World Weekly

Froylán Enciso

Senior Analyst, Mexico
30 Nov 2017
The new [Mexican] criminal justice system seeks to reduce impunity and violations of the rights of the accused. [If the president were to abandon them, he would] repeat the mistakes of his predecessor. The World Weekly

Froylán Enciso

Senior Analyst, Mexico
1 Mar 2017
Supporting the Truth Commission of Veracruz would be a good way to foster civil society initiatives in order to prevent violence and help to build democratic institutions in Mexico. Fronteras

Froylán Enciso

Senior Analyst, Mexico

Latest Updates

Mexico’s Worsening War without a Name

The “war on drugs” has morphed into a new rash of killings in Mexico. The deadly violence of increasingly well-organised, business-minded criminal groups risks being aggravated by government inaction, corruption and bombastic U.S. rhetoric – exactly what caused the problem in the first place.

Also available in Español