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Ibrahim Yahaya Ibrahim

Consulting Analyst, Sahel

Crisis Group Role

Ibrahim Yahaya Ibrahim is a Consulting Senior Sahel Analyst, based in Dakar.

Areas of Expertise

  • Sahel Region
  • Islam and Politics
  • Defence and Security
  • Political Contestations
  • International Development

Professional Background

Ibrahim gained a PhD in Political Science from the University of Florida. His dissertation focused on Islam and Political Contestation in the Sahel Region. It is a comparative study of the phenomena of protests, riots, and jihadist insurgencies in Mauritania, Niger, and Mali. He is a co-founder and research associate with the Sahel Research Group.

Ibrahim is an alumnus of the Fulbright Program and an analyst for Freedom in the World, as a Niger and Mauritania expert. He worked for four years with Islamic NGOs in Niger, including two years as the Executive Director of the Niger-office of Albasar International Foundation.

He has a background in Sociology, Islamic Jurisprudence, and Management, with degrees from the Islamic University of Say and Abdou Moumouni University of Niamey.


  • French (fluent)
  • English (fluent)
  • Arabic (fluent)
  • Hausa (native)
  • Zarma/Songhay (basic)


  • “Regions at Risk: Preventing Mass Atrocities in Mali,” co-authored with Mollie Zapata, Early Warning Project, Report No. 3, produced by The United State Holocaust Memorial Museum,
  • “The Wave of Jihadist insurgency in West Africa: Global Ideology, Local Context, Individual Motivations,” West African Papers, No. 07, OECD Publishing, Paris (July 2017)

In The News

7 Aug 2020
The composition of the national assembly is disputed. If the [Malian] president were to resign, it would mark a big jump into the void. The Economist

Ibrahim Yahaya Ibrahim

Consulting Analyst, Sahel
20 Jul 2020
[Mahmoud Dicko] has been able to position himself as this person who can channel the people's anger toward protest on several issues. Al Jazeera

Ibrahim Yahaya Ibrahim

Consulting Analyst, Sahel
30 May 2019
Dialoguer [au Mali] pourrait permettre d’obtenir des cessez-le-feu locaux, donc de réduire la violence exercée contre les civils. Le Monde

Ibrahim Yahaya Ibrahim

Consulting Analyst, Sahel
12 May 2019
[Au Sahel] les chancelleries occidentales ont des demandes contradictoires : elles veulent une solution politique, mais elles interdisent d’inviter les jihadistes autour de la table. Libération

Ibrahim Yahaya Ibrahim

Consulting Analyst, Sahel

Latest Updates

Q&A / Africa

Burkina Faso et Niger : des élections à l’épreuve des insurrections ?

Le Burkina Faso et le Niger se dirigent tous deux vers des élections générales. Rinaldo Depagne et Ibrahim Yahaya Ibrahim décryptent leurs enjeux et insistent sur la nécessité pour leurs vainqueurs de se pencher sur l’insécurité croissante dans les régions rurales, provoquée en grande partie par la présence de groupes jihadistes.

Op-Ed / Africa

Role of climate change in Central Sahel’s conflicts: not so clear

The direct link between global warming, the scarcity of resources and violence in Central Sahel is considered a given, but a closer examination reveals the connection is not so clear cut.

Originally published in The Africa Report