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Mairav Zonszein

Senior Analyst, Israel-Palestine

Crisis Group Role

Mairav joined the International Crisis Group in January 2021 as Senior Analyst on Israel-Palestine. She is responsible for covering Israeli domestic politics, relations with the Palestinians, and regional conflict settings and policies.

Professional Background

Mairav is an Israeli-American journalist and commentator who has covered Israeli politics and U.S. foreign policy for over a decade. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The New York Review of Books, Foreign Policy, The Guardian, The Columbia Journalism Review, The Nation, The American Prospect, VICE, The Intercept, and more. She is a founding editor of +972 Magazine and a contributor to Jewish Currents. She has an MA in Nationalism Studies from the Central European University in Budapest.


  • English
  • Hebrew
  • Spanish

Select Publications

In The News

1 Apr 2022
There is total despair and lack of any political horizon on the Palestinian front. Israelis have become accustomed to continuing the status quo with no price to pay. The New York Times

Mairav Zonszein

Senior Analyst, Israel-Palestine
13 Jul 2021
Conceptually, Hamas put the Palestinians back on the radar and Jerusalem at the center of their issues. The [Israeli] government has realized that Palestinians are uniting; that the fragmentation isn’t as effective as they would like it to be; that they empathize with each other’s struggles, regardless of whether they are in the West Bank, Jerusalem or Gaza Foreign Policy

Mairav Zonszein

Senior Analyst, Israel-Palestine
12 May 2021
Palestinian citizens have been increasingly voting for their representatives to have increased power in politics and to try to change their situation through the political system. AJE

Mairav Zonszein

Senior Analyst, Israel-Palestine

Latest Updates

The Impact of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine in the Middle East and North Africa

Spikes in prices of grain and fuel, with uncertain political reverberations, are the Ukraine war’s primary effect to date on Middle Eastern and North African countries. But diplomatic and military developments are important, too, as Crisis Group experts explain in this look around the region.

Also available in العربية

The Ukraine War: A Global Crisis?

The overwhelming support for a UN resolution condemning Russia’s invasion shows that countries around the world see it as attacking global norms. Yet policymakers also view the crisis in terms of their own national interest. Crisis Group experts assess the war from thirteen vantage points.

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In Israel, Change Coalition Ousts Netanyahu, But Little Change Expected

A new Israeli government is set to replace long-serving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. As Crisis Group expert Mairav Zonszein explains, however, not much but antipathy for the ex-premier holds the prospective cabinet together. It may well struggle to survive.