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Multilateral Diplomacy


27 January 2022

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من أجل إنقاذ دارفور

To Save Darfur

In The News

22 Jan 2022
For Russia, what it sees as Western encroachment into Ukraine is a very big part of how the West has been weakening Russia, and infringing on a security interest for all of this time. Vox

Olga Oliker

Program Director, Europe and Central Asia
27 Dec 2021
I wouldn’t expect that Turkey would like to expand the zone it occupies in the northeast [of Syria]. A move like this will require a difficult conversation with the Russian. Syria Direct

Heiko Wimmen

Project Director, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon
14 Dec 2021
The fact that Saudi Arabia and the UAE are becoming more willing to engage the Iranians will bring them closer to the other countries in the GCC [Gulf Cooperation Council]. Al Jazeera

Dina Esfandiary

Senior Advisor, Middle East and North Africa
6 Dec 2021
Myanmar needs to be a much higher diplomatic priority for the major powers and the UN. The Guardian

Richard Horsey

Senior Adviser, Myanmar
1 Dec 2021
Israel is not the most important factor in the fate of these negotiations [on the nuclear deal] as Iran’s own attitude and negotiation strategy is. TRT World

Ali Vaez

Senior Adviser to the President & Project Director, Iran
29 Nov 2021
U.S. officials are nervous that Beijing may want to get more influence over UN peacekeeping and sort of exploit UN peace operations to advance its interests in Africa, in particular. The Globe and Mail

Richard Gowan

UN Director