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A rocket fired by the SPLA Government forces cruises over a hut burnt by debris created by a previous rocket fired shortly before along the frontline at Mathiang near Bor, South Sudan, January 26, 2014. REUTERS

South Sudan: A Civil War by Any Other Name

Africa Report N°217, 10 April 2014

Refocusing international engagement as well as the peace negotiations is essential to stop South Sudan’s raging civil war from claiming ever more lives.
Losing Hearts and Minds in Kenya
Suspected Somali illegal migrants and refugees arrested in a police swoop arrive at a holding station in Kenya’s capital Nairobi, April 7, 2014. REUTERS/Thomas Mukoya

Suspected Somali illegal migrants and refugees arrested in a police swoop arrive at a holding station in Kenya’s capital Nairobi, 7 April, 2014. REUTERS/Thomas Mukoya

16 April 2014: The round-up and mass detention of Somalis in Nairobi, which began in earnest on 31 March, deliberately conflated immigration issues with counter-terrorism and has widened dangerous communal divides. Al-Shabaab and its extremist allies in Kenya will be very satisfied. What the attack on Nairobi’s Westgate mall last September failed to do – sow division among Kenyans – might well be achieved by these detentions and deportations. This month’s events brought out the worst in Kenya, from the prejudice shown, especially in social media, by ordinary citizens, to petty point scoring by the political class, to police extortion of bribes from lawfully resident Somalis, to the extrajudicial execution of the controversial Muslim preacher known as Makaburi (“graveyard”).

Join Us In Pursuit of Peace Award Dinner 2014
In Pursuit of Peace 2014 Award Dinner

On Wednesday 7 May 2014 at The Waldorf-Astoria in New York, Crisis Group will confer our Chairman's Award to The Honourable Hillary Rodham Clinton. 

The Forever War?: Military Control in Sri Lanka’s North
Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's army soldiers stand guard in the back of a truck during the opening of a Bartleet Finance Limited investment branch in Jaffna, April 30, 2010. REUTERS/Dinuka Liyanawatte

25 March 2014: The heavy militarisation of Sri Lanka’s northern province after the civil war’s bloody end in 2009 has been the subject of growing domestic and international concern. The large numbers of military personnel in the north, and the deep involvement of the military in the province’s governance, endanger the re-establishment of democratic institutions that is necessary to lasting peace (see our Nov 2013 report Sri Lanka’s Potemkin Peace: Democracy Under Fire).

Annual Report 2014

Annual Report

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