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Event Recording / Global

UN General Assembly: What to Watch for? (Twitter Space, 18 September 2023)

In this Twitter space, Comfort Ero and Richard Gowan talk about all you need to know for this year’s high-level meeting at the UN General Assembly.

A Welcome Humanitarian Deal between the U.S. and Iran

Washington and Tehran have reached an accord bringing U.S. hostages home from Iran and unfreezing Iranian assets. The agreement has much to recommend it, despite what critics say.

Huong Le Thu

Huong Le Thu

Deputy Program Director, Asia Miallo

Nagorno-Karabakh: Prospects for De-escalation (Online event, 15 September 2023)

In this online event Crisis Group experts discuss the latest developments in Nagorno-Karabakh and prospects for de-escalating tensions and a peace agreement.

UNRWA’s Reckoning: Preserving the UN Agency Serving Palestinian Refugees

Millions of Palestinian refugees rely on the UN Relief and Works Agency for services and employment opportunities. But the agency’s finances are in dire straits, putting the refugees’ wellbeing at risk. Donors should step up with sustainable, predictable, multi-year funding.


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Q&A / Africa

Massacre in Goma Clouds DR Congo’s Elections and UN Mission’s Future

On 30 August, elite troops slaughtered over 50 civilians planning to protest perceived foreign interference in the eastern DR Congo, three months ahead of elections. The government has asked the UN for an “accelerated” withdrawal. Crisis Group experts Richard Moncrieff and Onesphore Sematumba explain the stakes.

Also available in Français
Q&A / Africa

Le massacre de Goma assombrit la perspective des élections en RD Congo et l’avenir de la mission de l’ONU

Le 30 août, des troupes d’élite ont massacré plus de 50 civils qui se préparaient à protester contre ce qu’ils percevaient comme de l’ingérence étrangère dans l’est de la République démocratique du Congo, trois mois avant les élections. Le gouvernement a demandé à l’ONU un retrait «accéléré». Les experts de Crisis Group, Richard Moncrieff et Onesphore Sematumba, expliquent les enjeux.

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جردة حساب الأونروا: المحافظة على الوكالة الأممية في خدمة اللاجئين الفلسطينيين

يعتمد ملايين اللاجئين الفلسطينيين على وكالة غوث وتشغيل اللاجئين الفلسطينيين في الخدمات وفرص التوظيف. إلّا أن الوكالة تعاني من أزمة مالية حادة، الأمر الذي يعرض رفاه واستقرار اللاجئين للخطر. ولذلك، ينبغي على المانحين أن يوفروا للوكالة تمويلاً مضموناً، ومستداماً ومتعدد السنوات.


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