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Video / Asia

Beyond the Border: China & India's Fraught Relationship

In this video, Crisis Group's Senior Analyst for India, Praveen Donthi, and Senior Analyst for China, Amanda Hsiao, discuss the past, present and future of the fraught relationship between the two Himalayan giants.

VIDEO | Trapped in the Gap: Migrants and Smugglers in the Darién

In this video, personal narratives from migrants, smugglers, and locals shed light on the perilous journey through the Darién Gap, a treacherous migration route between Central and South America marked by criminal control.


IMPACT: Stories of Conflict Prevention

What does preventing conflict actually look like? In this video series, Crisis Group's analysts recall their experiences and how their work warned about or helped to prevent crises.

Video / Asia

Taiwan Strait: Preventing War

In this video, Amanda Hsiao explains what is at stake in the dynamic between China, the U.S. and Taiwan and what steps can be taken to reduce pressure in the region.


CrisisWatch | A tool to prevent conflict

Too many people still die from violent conflict and it is preventable.

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