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Podcast / Asia

Will the Ukraine War Blow U.S.-China Relations Further Off Course?

This week on Hold Your Fire!, Richard Atwood is joined by Amanda Hsiao, Crisis Group's China expert, and Stephen Pomper, Crisis Group’s chief of policy, to discuss China's involvement in Ukraine, the U.S. downing of the Chinese spy balloon and risks of confrontation over Taiwan.

Report / Asia

A Silent Sangha? Buddhist Monks in Post-coup Myanmar

The Sangha, Myanmar’s Buddhist monastic community, has largely stayed out of politics since the 2021 coup. As youth take the vanguard of resistance, a long-term shift in the country’s civic life – and a conservative backlash – could be in the offing. The issue bears close watching.

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Commentary / Global

The Global South and the Ukraine War at the UN

In UN debates over Russia’s war in Ukraine, Western countries are still pledging to back Kyiv militarily, while non-Western states are more inclined to call for a negotiated peace. Thus far, however, the latter’s proposals for reaching that goal have been short on detail.

The World Isn’t Slipping Away From the West

The United States and Europe get a few things wrong about global attitudes toward Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Comfort Ero’s Reading List for International Women’s Day

For International Women's Day, Crisis Group's President and CEO Comfort Ero shares her reading list drawing from ten publications on the role of women in today's conflicts and how they experience violence, whether as victims, fighters or peacemakers.

Tribunal on the Crime of Aggression: Faint Prospect or Realistic Probability?

This week on War & Peace, Olga Oliker and Elissa Jobson are joined by Richard Gowan, Crisis Group’s UN director, and Brian Finucane, Crisis Group’s senior adviser for the U.S., to talk about the prospects of a crime of aggression tribunal for Ukraine.

Containing Transnational Jihadists in Syria’s North West

The rebels who control north-western Syria are dealing harshly with ISIS cells but have not yet crushed them entirely. The best way to stop jihadists from rebounding is to consolidate the area’s ceasefire. Outside powers can also help by sending more humanitarian aid.

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Op-Ed / Asia

Why Inclusion Matters for Myanmar’s Resistance

In defiance of prevailing patriarchal norms, young women are playing instrumental roles in the country’s “Spring Revolution.”

/ Europe & Central Asia

Tribunal on the Time of Aggression: A faint Prospect or a Realistic Probability (Twitter Space, 2 March 2023)

In this Twitter Space Crisis Group experts discuss the need and purpose of a tribunal on the crime of aggression for the war in Ukraine.

Podcast / Africa

Can the African Union Rise to Meet Its Moment?

This week on The Horn, Alan is joined by Liesl Louw-Vaudran, Crisis Group’s senior adviser to the African Union (AU), to discuss the 2023 AU Summit and the challenges and opportunities facing the continental union amid shifting geopolitics.

Video / Africa

Time to Talk: Climate, Environment & Conflict in the Horn of Africa

In this video, Nazanine Moshiri and Christophe Hodder discuss the indirect, yet undeniable links between climate, the environment and deadly conflict.

Report / Europe & Central Asia

An Enduring Challenge: ISIS-linked Foreigners in Türkiye

Numerous foreign nationals with ties to ISIS have come to Türkiye since the group’s defeat in Iraq and Syria. This population presents officials with complex questions, one of which is what threat individuals might still pose. The predicament calls for a multi-pronged strategy.

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Special Coverage / Global

COP: A Special Series

In the run-up to COP27, Crisis Group experts contribute their views on how climate change shapes the conflicts and crises they work on.

Video / Europe & Central Asia

One year after the Russian invasion of Ukraine: big goals and wishful thinking

In this video, Olga Oliker, Crisis Group Europe and Central Asia Program Director, talks about the current state of the war in Ukraine a year after Russia's invasion and reflects on the disconnect between the goals of ending the war and of bringing justice.

Protecting Colombia’s Most Vulnerable on the Road to “Total Peace”

The new Colombian government has resolved to curb violence throughout rural areas where guerrillas and criminals hold sway. Its approach – dialogue and security reform – is admirable but risky. Any deal it strikes should seek to halt all the types of coercion the illicit groups employ.

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Podcast / Europe & Central Asia

Another Year of War in Ukraine?

This week on Hold Your Fire!, Richard Atwood and Olga Oliker, Crisis Group's Europe and Central Asia director, discuss the latest fighting in Ukraine, the mood in Kyiv, Moscow and Western capitals, and where the war might be headed a year into Russia’s full-scale invasion.

Report / Asia

Taliban Restrictions on Women’s Rights Deepen Afghanistan’s Crisis

The Taliban have barred women from universities and many workplaces, compelling several aid organisations to pause operations in Afghanistan and donors to contemplate cuts to assistance. Yet the principled response remains to mitigate the harm these harsh rulings are doing to the most vulnerable Afghans.

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Event Recording / Africa

The Promise and Potential Pitfalls of Nigeria’s 2023 Elections (Online event, 23 February 2023)

In this online event, Crisis Group experts explore possible scenarios of the forthcoming Nigeria general elections.

Podcast / Europe & Central Asia

Ukraine’s Jews, Israel and the War

This week on War & Peace, Olga Oliker and Elissa Jobson are joined by Sam Sokol, reporter at Haaretz, to discuss the impact of the war in Ukraine on the country's Jewish communities, accusations of anti-semitism in Ukraine and Russia and their relationship to the real thing, and Ukraine-Israel relations.

Op-Ed / Europe & Central Asia

North Kosovo Won’t be Stable While Belgrade and Pristina are at Loggerheads

The barricades may be down for now, but long-term peace in northern Kosovo depends on a final agreement between Kosovo and Serbia.


Insecurity and Identity Politics Ahead of Nigeria’s Vote

This week on Hold Your Fire!, Richard Atwood speaks with Crisis Group’s trustee, Lagos-based lawyer and human rights activist Ayo Obe, and Crisis Group's Senior Adviser Nnamdi Obasi, about Nigeria’s forthcoming elections, held amid deteriorating security and a currency crisis.


Hold Your Fire! (Season 3)

Join Crisis Group Executive Vice President Richard Atwood as he dives deep into the conflicts that rage around the globe. He speaks with Crisis Group field analysts and special guests to get their unique, on-the-ground perspective. Episodes from past seasons of Hold Your Fire! can be found here: Season 1 and Season 2.

Q&A / Latin America & Caribbean

Is There a Way Out of Peru’s Strife?

Mass protest has rocked Peru for two months, leading to 60 deaths. In this Q&A, Crisis Group expert Glaeldys González Calanche explains the root causes of the crisis and sketches some possible ways forward.

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Briefing / Asia

Breaking Gender and Age Barriers amid Myanmar’s Spring Revolution

Politics in Myanmar is traditionally the domain of older men, but women and youth have been prominent in resistance to the 2021 military takeover. Giving them a bigger voice could have a positive effect on the country's political culture, no matter how the crisis ends.

Also available in Burmese, 简体中文
Podcast / Africa

Tweets and Succession Politics in Uganda

This week on The Horn, Alan is joined by Abdi Latif Dahir, East Africa correspondent for The New York Times, to discuss how tweets are disrupting succession politics in Uganda and the challenging task of covering the vast and diverse political landscape of East Africa.

Briefing / Africa

Eight Priorities for the African Union in 2023

The African Union has more than a full plate of peace and security issues before it in the coming year. This briefing highlights eight conflict situations where its efforts can be of greatest help.

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Podcast / Global

Mark Malloch-Brown on the Ukraine War and Challenges to Open Societies

This week on Hold Your Fire!, Richard Atwood speaks with Mark Malloch-Brown, president of Open Society Foundations and former UN Deputy Secretary-General, about the war in Ukraine and protecting open societies in a more dangerous world.

Report / Africa

Mitigating Risks of Violence in Nigeria’s 2023 Elections

The largest, most youthful electorate in Nigerian history will head to the polls soon to decide high-stakes presidential, parliamentary and state-level races. Numerous violent incidents have already marred the campaign. Authorities can take several steps to lessen the dangers before, during and after the vote


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