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From Early Warning to Early Action

Ringing the alarm bell has been at the core of Crisis Group’s mission since its inception in 1995. We have called for action to prevent deadly violence, mass atrocities and political destabilisation. Through a range of tools and publications – including our monthly CrisisWatch conflict tracker – and targeted engagement at the local, regional and global levels, we strive to alert the policy community on upcoming risks and potential opportunities for conflict resolution in some 70 conflicts, crises and vulnerable countries. 

Meet the Team

For all queries relating to Crisis Group's early-warning work, please write to the Research Unit at research@crisisgroup.org

Isabelle Arradon

Director of Research

Camille Le Tallec

Research Manager

Danny Anderson

Research Analyst

Hélène Pilloud

Former Senior Coordinator, Special Projects and Research


29 January 2021

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29 January 2020

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17 September 2015

The Iran Nuclear Talks

25 October 2012
Burundi: Bye-bye Arusha ?

Burundi: Bye-bye Arusha ?

In The News

8 Apr 2021
The question is whether [the insurgency in northern Mozambique] can be nipped in the bud at this juncture without spreading further. AFP

Piers Pigou

Senior Consultant, Southern Africa
8 Apr 2021
[Somalia’s election impasse] comes down to unresolved internal political tensions, but also a lack of preparation and political will. The Guardian

Omar Mahmood

Senior Analyst, Somalia
28 Sep 2020
We are a step away from a large-scale war (between Armenia and Azerbaijan). Al-Jazeera

Olesya Vartanyan

Senior Analyst, South Caucasus
13 Sep 2020
The history in Colombia is when you start a wave of violence it accelerates and it’s very hard to stop. New York Times

Elizabeth Dickinson

Senior Analyst, Colombia