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Humanitarian Fallout of Conflict

The dramatic global rise in refugee numbers is forcing frontline states to cope with large new communities. Global and regional actors are seeing their foreign policies put under unexpected new pressure. As the line between refugees and migrants becomes increasingly blurred, the international community’s commitment to humanitarian ideals and international law is increasingly in question. Overall, the world's collective ability to prevent or to end conflict is being undermined. Through increased reporting, partnerships, and heightened advocacy, Crisis Group seeks to persuade policy makers to focus on one of the primary drivers of this humanitarian crisis: conflict and state fragility.


19 May 2017

Email From Gaza

24 February 2017

Watch List 2017

In The News

28 Feb 2017
The fact that [abuse of women and children] has increased so much in this past year or two is also directly related to the deteriorating economic situation in Libya. RFI

Claudia Gazzini

Senior Analyst, Libya
13 Feb 2017
[Afghan refugees] settle around urban centres, which may be relatively safe, but what essentially happens is it cuts them off from communities they belong to. The Guardian

Timor Sharan

Former Senior Analyst, Afghanistan
23 Jan 2017
We’re in uncharted territory [with Moscow-led Syria peace talks in Kazakhstan]. We’re here in Russia’s back yard, and the ball is in their court. The Washington Post

Noah Bonsey

Senior Analyst, Syria
17 Oct 2016
Some of us looking at the conflict [in Syria] from the West have consistently underestimated the capacity for bloodshed in Syria to worsen. There’s a temptation to think, well, it can’t get any worse. And yet repeatedly it has gotten worse. And I think there’s a lesson there. There’s no reason to believe this will be as bad as things get. Time

Noah Bonsey

Senior Analyst, Syria