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Future of Conflict

The Future of Conflict (FoC) Program focuses on three issues – climate change, digital technologies, and the global economy – that are already redefining the conflict landscape. Climate change is increasing food insecurity, water scarcity and resource competition, while disrupting livelihoods and spurring migration. Technological change is transforming social order, from the use of social media to foment unrest to new weapons for waging war and suppressing dissent. The economic fragility of states threatens their pathways to peace, the extraction of oil, gas and minerals have contributed to new security challenges, and the increased use of economic sanctions has too often exacerbated the humanitarian impacts of conflict.

Robert Blecher

Program Director, Future of Conflict

Champa Patel

Director, Innovation, and Deputy Program Director, Future of Conflict

Rafael Ch Duran

Postdoctoral Fellow on the Future of Conflict

Ulrich Eberle

Fellow, Future of Conflict

Jane Esberg

Senior Analyst, Social Media & Conflict

Tarek Ghani

Senior Economic Adviser

Kevin Mazur

Fellow, Future of Conflict


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