Economics of Conflict

The Economics of Conflict (EoC) initiative explores the economic forces behind political violence. Building on years of Crisis Group reporting on economic topics, this effort integrates economic expertise, new data sources and quantitative analysis to complement our traditional fieldwork approach, reach new audiences and deepen our impact. The EoC initiative collaborates with the Empirical Studies of Conflict Project, a network of political scientists and economists at top U.S. universities, and was launched with a generous donation by philanthropist and Crisis Group board member Alexander Soros. 

Meet the Team

Robert Blecher

Program Director, Future of Conflict

Champa Patel


Rafael Ch Duran

Postdoctoral Fellow on the Future of Conflict

Tarek Ghani

Former Senior Economic Adviser

Kevin Mazur

Fellow, Future of Conflict

In The News

30 Jun 2021
It's imperative that [the Sudanese government] communicate properly to the population...on this [IMF debt relief program] so people don't look up and just see the pain. Reuters

Jonas Horner

Former Deputy Project Director, Horn of Africa & Senior Analyst, Sudan
25 Jan 2021
[The blockade of Bangui in the Central African Republic was] a deliberate tactic to strangle the capital economically, to force the government to the negotiating table. The Guardian

Hans De Marie Heungoup

Former, Senior Analyst, Central Africa
7 Jan 2020
[In Mexico,] under active conflict & criminal control, basic state functions like gathering crime statistics, let alone searching for disappeared, are impossible. Twitter

Falko Ernst

Senior Analyst, Mexico

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