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In Black & White

In Black & White is our newest video series. In each episode, one of our analysts expresses their views on a conflict in an op-ed style: clear, personal, and to the point.

Ukraine Needs the West's Help this Winter

In this episode of In Black & White, Crisis Group's Senior Analyst for Ukraine Simon Schlegel speaks about Russia's recent attacks against Ukraine's power supply. He speaks about his personal experience living through it as well as what the West can do to help.

Climate and Conflict Must be Addressed at COP27

Nazanine Moshiri, Crisis Group's Senior Analyst for Climate & Security in Africa, speaks about the need to acknowledge the role climate plays in conflict dynamics and the need to ensure climate financing mechanisms are conflict sensitive.

Time for Latin America to Bridge its Divides

Ivan Briscoe looks at the potential benefits brought by changing political landscapes in Latin America. The region has suffered years of divisions and disputes which have made it increasingly hard to respond to some of its most acute crises. But now, with certain governments changing, and a certain new spirit in Latin America, it seems possible that the region could come together to deal with its worst problems.

How to Put Libya Back on Track

Libya is currently divided into two rival governments, there has been no military unification, and it’s still in a state of financial distress. In this In Black & White video, Crisis Group's Expert Claudia Gazzini explains that the only way to put Libya back on track is to maintain and strengthen a multitrack approach to Libya's problem.

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