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Independent. Impartial. Inclusive.

Our staff members (approximately 150) and consultants are drawn from a broad spectrum of backgrounds including academia, civil society, diplomacy and media. Crisis Group staff are based all over the world and cover some 70 actual and potential conflicts.

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Our Methodology

Crisis Group's Claudia Gazzini speaks with an oil engineer loyal to Ibrahim Jathran outside of Zueitina, one of the oil ports under Jathran's control and among those shut down since summer 2013, March 2014. CRISIS GROUP
Field Research
Our North East Asia Adviser Michael Kovrig talks to CNBC's Squawk Box in 2018.
Sharp Analysis
Crisis Group Board member, Mo Ibrahim, and Crisis Group’s Africa Program Director, Comfort Ero, speaking at the event, The Changing Face of Conflict, 27 April 2015. CRISIS GROUP/Don Pollard
High-level Advocacy
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Crisis Group has more than twenty years of experience in working to prevent, manage and resolve deadly conflict.

Field research

Our expert analysts engage directly with all parties to a conflict as they conduct research on the ground, share multiple perspectives and propose practical policy solutions.

Sharp analysis

We publish comprehensive reports and timely commentaries to inform decision making and shape the public debate on how to limit threats to peace and security.

High-level advocacy

We work with heads of government, policymakers, media, civil society, and conflict actors themselves to sound the alarm of impending conflict and to open paths to peace.

In Darfur, for example, International Crisis Group was ringing the alarm bell … They gave us insight. We didn’t always agree with them. It’s not their role to come into agreement with us. It’s their role to reflect ground truth

General Colin Powell

Former U.S. Secretary of State

Latest Updates

Iranian President Raisi’s Sudden Death and the ICC Case Against Israeli and Hamas Leaders

This week on Hold Your Fire!, Richard speaks with Crisis Group’s experts Ali Vaez, Mairav Zonszein and Stephen Pomper about the Iranian president’s sudden death and the International Criminal Court prosecutor’s arrest warrants requests for Israeli and Hamas leaders.

All Eyes on The Hague: The ICC Prosecutor’s Move against Hamas and Israeli Leaders

The ICC prosecutor has said he is seeking arrest warrants for top Hamas and Israeli figures in connection with crimes committed since 7 October 2023. In this Q&A, Crisis Group experts Brian Finucane, Stephen Pomper and Mairav Zonszein examine the legal and political implications.

Podcast / Africa

War and Dizzying Regional Alliances in Congo’s East

In this episode of The Horn, Alan Boswell talks with Crisis Group expert Richard Moncrieff about the attacks in Kinshasa last weekend and escalating violence in eastern Congo amid shifting regional alliances.

The Generals’ Labyrinth: Crime and the Military in Mexico

Mexico’s outgoing president has deployed more soldiers than ever to fight crime. But levels of violence remain high. His successor should set limits to the military’s role in public safety while working to sever state officials’ ties to criminals and allow better civilian law enforcement. 

Also available in Español

Haiti: A New Government Faces Up to the Gangs

Haiti has established a new transitional government to combat surging gang violence and tackle the resulting humanitarian crisis. In this excerpt from the Watch List 2024 – Spring Update, Crisis Group explains how the EU and its member states can help.

Also available in Français, Español

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