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This is an urgent appeal for your support.

Millions of vulnerable people, their lives already shattered by the brutality of war, are now exposed to a new threat: COVID-19. Crisis Group field researchers are seeing the immediate impacts of inadequate or unavailable health care, overwhelmed public services, and massive economic disruption.

On top of this, fears are growing that some leaders may exploit the crisis to target minorities, crack down on dissent or even escalate conflicts abroad for political gain. Some non-state actors may likewise seek to profit from the situation, convinced the world will be distracted by the pandemic.

To expand our work and respond to the current crisis, we need to raise not only awareness but $500,000


Crisis Group is working to cover the pandemic’s impact on conflict-affected people around the world, apprise policymakers of new conflict risks, and recommend specific actions for the world leaders that will mitigate the impact of the pandemic and save lives.

We urgently need to raise $500,000 to go above and beyond our current work on resolving and preventing conflicts.


Even as we face unprecedented demand for our analysis, we must now overcome operational challenges getting our researchers into the field and will require new resources to expand our coverage. Your support will give us the flexibility to add capacity where and when we need to.

I hope you will consider making a gift to support Crisis Group at this critical time. Your donation will be doubled thanks to a matching grant by Open Society Foundations.

Please make your gift via our website where you can also find wire transfer and stock transfer instructions.

Thank you!

Rob Malley


Former President & CEO

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