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When the Dams in Libya Burst: A Natural or Preventable Disaster?

In the aftermath of massive flooding that killed some 20,000 people, Crisis Group expert Claudia Gazzini travelled to Libya to look into what caused the disaster and who might bear responsibility.

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عندما تنفجر السدود في ليبيا: كارثة طبيعية أم كارثة يمكن منعها؟ كلوديا غازيني

في أعقاب الفيضان الكاسح الذي أودى بحياة نحو 20,000 شخص، زارت خبيرة مجموعة الأزمات كلوديا غازيني ليبيا لتنظر فيمن سبَّب الكارثة ومن قد يتحمل مسؤولية حدوثها.

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Against Seeming Odds, Assistance Comes to Derna

In the aftermath of a burst dam and massive flooding, Crisis Group expert Claudia Gazzini travelled to Derna in eastern Libya to cover the relief effort and assess the two rival governments’ response.

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رغم كل ما يبدو من تحديات، المساعدات تصل إلى درنة

في أعقاب انهيار أحد السدود وحدوث فيضان هائل، زارت خبيرة مجموعة الأزمات كلوديا غازيني درنة في شرق ليبيا لتغطي جهود الإغاثة وتقيِّم استجابة الحكومتين المتنافستين.

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Our Journeys / Africa

A “Deal with the Devil” in the Heart of the Great Lakes

Cyclic violence has raged in the eastern DRC for almost 30 years. Crisis Group experts Onesphore Sematumba and Nicolas Delaunay visited Beni, in North Kivu, shortly after Uganda launched a military operation against the Allied Democratic Forces, an Islamist insurgency based in the region.

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Our Journeys / Africa

Un « pacte avec le diable » au cœur des Grands Lacs

Dans l’est de la RDC, les cycles de violence s’enchaînent depuis bientôt 30 ans. Les experts de Crisis Group, Onesphore Sematumba et Nicolas Delaunay, se sont rendus à Béni, au Nord-Kivu, peu après le début d’une opération ougandaise contre les Forces démocratiques Alliées, un groupe islamiste basé dans la région.

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Our Journeys / Asia

A Short Visit to the Taliban’s Tense and Quiet Capital

The future of Afghanistan remains deeply uncertain – mostly because the Taliban have not decided what path they will chart for their new government, as Crisis Group expert Graeme Smith discovered in Kabul.

Our Journeys / Asia

A Winter Night on the India-China Himalayan Frontier

Ladakh, a barren, frigid plateau facing Tibet, is one of India’s most vulnerable spots in its decades-old border dispute with China. In the winter months, as Crisis Group expert Praveen Donthi found, it is also one of the least hospitable places on earth.

Lebanon: A Journey to the End of the State

While warning signs of Lebanon’s economic meltdown have been apparent for some time, as Crisis Group expert Heiko Wimmen writes, it is still shocking just how close things are to falling apart.

Behind the Front Lines in Yemen’s Marib

Just before major battles in northern Yemen and the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Crisis Group expert Peter Salisbury travelled to Marib, the government’s last stronghold. He found a region coping well with massive displacement but fearing a settlement that would favour the advancing Huthis.

Also available in العربية

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