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Vietnam Tacks Between Cooperation and Struggle in the South China Sea

Together with the Philippines, Vietnam is on the front line of maritime disputes with China. The risk of armed confrontation is low but growing. Hanoi should redouble efforts to build confidence, starting with less sensitive issues, and to establish an effective Code of Conduct.

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For an International Women’s Day special episode of Hold Your Fire!, Naz Modirzadeh and Richard Atwood talk to Azadeh Moaveni, Crisis Group’s gender and conflict expert, about the Women, Peace and Security agenda and Crisis Group’s work on gender and conflict.

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2 Dec 2021
There’s a palpable fear ... that candidates [for the presidential election in Libya] that are very polarizing will contest the results either if they run or don’t run, if they lose or if they win. Washington Post

Claudia Gazzini

Consulting Senior Analyst, Libya
1 Dec 2021
Israel is not the most important factor in the fate of these negotiations [on the nuclear deal] as Iran’s own attitude and negotiation strategy is. TRT World

Ali Vaez

Senior Adviser to the President & Project Director, Iran
30 Nov 2021
Today, the commitment of ex-combatants [of FARC] to remaining in civilian life is visible across Colombia and deserves the full support of the international community. Washington Post

Elizabeth Dickinson

Senior Analyst, Colombia
29 Nov 2021
U.S. officials are nervous that Beijing may want to get more influence over UN peacekeeping and sort of exploit UN peace operations to advance its interests in Africa, in particular. The Globe and Mail

Richard Gowan

UN Director
23 Nov 2021
This is the first time that Libya has held presidential elections, and the powers attributed to the president in the current elections law are huge. Middle East Eye

Claudia Gazzini

Consulting Senior Analyst, Libya
22 Nov 2021
The [Sudanese] military has shown its cards, it's clearly not seeking to deliver on the transition that people had called for during Sudan’s revolution in 2018-2019. VOA

Jonas Horner

Deputy Project Director, Horn of Africa & Senior Analyst, Sudan

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