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29 नोभेम्बर 2023
There is a limit to how far Iran and Saudi Arabia can go in de-escalating tensions between themselves if the entire region is ablaze because of the war in Gaza. Bloomberg

Ali Vaez

Senior Adviser to the President & Project Director, Iran
19 नोभेम्बर 2023
Arab states feel they should not be held responsible for Israel's conflict with the Palestinians, which to them stands at the origin of much that ails the region. Fox News

Joost Hiltermann

Program Director, Middle East and North Africa
15 नोभेम्बर 2023
Israel is seeking to change the reality on the ground in Gaza this time around and is not saying what exactly is its endgame. The National News

Michael Wahid Hanna

Program Director, U.S.
11 नोभेम्बर 2023
[Leaders in the Middle East] have always seen the Palestinian cause as a way for people to vent their anger. DW

Joost Hiltermann

Program Director, Middle East and North Africa
7 नोभेम्बर 2023
The Israeli strikes we’ve seen so far should be raising serious questions for people at the State Department about how U.S. weapons are being used. The New York Times

Brian Finucane

Senior Adviser, U.S.
5 नोभेम्बर 2023
Even if there is a legal justification for ... every airstrike in Gaza, this conflict has been catastrophic for [Gazans] … Falling within the law only gets you so far. The Washington Post

Brian Finucane

Senior Adviser, U.S.

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