Chad’s Young New Ruler Tightens His Grip
Chad’s Young New Ruler Tightens His Grip
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Chad’s Young New Ruler Tightens His Grip

This week on The Horn, Alan is joined by Crisis Group’s Central Africa Director Enrica Picco to discuss Mahamat Déby’s rule in Chad ahead of elections in May, the crackdowns on opposition, the fallout of the war in Sudan and the great power competition in the country. 

In this episode of The Horn, Alan Boswell speaks with Enrica Picco, Crisis Group’s Central Africa Project Director, about Mahamat Déby’s rule in Chad as the country heads for elections in May. They discuss Déby’s ascendance to power after the death of his father in 2021 and his initial promises for democratic transition and national dialogue. They assess the fallout of the war in Sudan in Chad and how Déby’s alleged support for the Rapid Support Forces has been received among his support base. They talk about the crackdowns on the Chadian opposition, the killing of Déby’s main political rival Yaya Dillo in February and what to expect in the elections next month. They also discuss Déby’s relations with other military leaders in the Sahel and his seeming turn to Moscow and other regional powers for security partnerships as relations with its traditional Western backers, notably France, are turning increasingly fraught.

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Project Director, Horn of Africa
Project Director, Central Africa

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