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13 Sep 2021
Unfortunately, while in much of the world 9/11 is viewed as in the past, in Africa, the legacy of those attacks lives on. The World

Murithi Mutiga

Project Director, Horn of Africa
27 Aug 2021
If France is to withdraw [from the Sahel] in a drastic manner as the U.S. did [from Afghanistan], the balance of power is likely to shift in favor of the jihadists. Washington Post

Ibrahim Yahaya Ibrahim

Consulting Analyst, Sahel
22 Aug 2021
Maybe this is a mistake. But the French are downsizing, they’re not withdrawing [from the Sahel]. They’re still the biggest military force in the region. VOA

Jean-Hervé Jezequel

Director, Sahel Project
9 Aug 2021
There is still no sign of a broader reset in South Sudanese politics [...] instead, the divisions just keep mounting. New York Times

Alan Boswell

Senior Analyst, South Sudan
22 Jul 2021
Al Shabaab is fully embedded in Somali society, especially in areas under their control, where local populations have little choice but to engage the group. VICE News

Omar Mahmood

Senior Analyst, Somalia
11 Jul 2021
The current violent blowback indicates that [President] Abiy and his allies cannot achieve peace and prosperity for all Ethiopians by imposing their vision and party on Ethiopia using the coercive power of the state. Al Jazeera

William Davison

Senior Analyst, Ethiopia

Latest Updates

Q&A / Africa

Alpha Condé a ouvert la voie au retour de l’armée à la tête de son pays

Renversé le 5 septembre, le président Condé, par son entêtement à conserver le pouvoir, avait préparé le terrain à la prise de contrôle militaire. Dans ce Q&A, les experts de Crisis Group, Vincent Foucher et Rinaldo Depagne, alertent sur une tendance inquiétante en Afrique de l’Ouest qu’illustre ce nouveau coup d’Etat.

Also available in English
Podcast / Africa

Eastern Africa’s Jihadis: The “War on Terror”

In the final episode of a mini-series of The Horn exploring jihadism in East Africa, Alan Boswell speaks with Murithi Mutiga, Mary Harper and Michael Woldemariam about how the post-9/11 global “war on terror” changed the Horn of Africa, and what comes next.

Podcast / Africa

Eastern Africa’s Jihadis: The Big Picture

In this episode of the The Horn’s mini-series exploring jihadism along the Swahili coast, Alan Boswell and Rashid Abdi discuss the connections and competition among jihadist groups in the region and the future prospects for governments to counter their militant movements.

Podcast / Africa

Eastern Africa’s Jihadis: Mozambique

In this episode of The Horn’s mini-series exploring jihadism along the East African coast, Alan Boswell talks to Dr. Adriano Nuvunga about what caused the insurgency in Mozambique to grow and the need for a coordinated regional strategy that addresses its root causes.

Podcast / Africa

Eastern Africa’s Jihadis: Somalia

In this second episode of The Horn’s mini-series exploring jihadism along the Swahili coast, Alan Boswell talks to regional expert Samira Gaid about the evolution of Al-Shabaab and how Somalia can use external stabilisation support more effectively.

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Comfort Ero

Interim Vice President & Program Director, Africa

Rinaldo Depagne

Deputy Program Director, Africa & Project Director, West Africa

Jean-Hervé Jezequel

Director, Sahel Project

Nnamdi Obasi

Senior Adviser, Nigeria

Piers Pigou

Senior Consultant, Southern Africa

Thibaud Lesueur

Senior Analyst, Chad

Hans De Marie Heungoup

Senior Analyst, Central Africa

Zakaria Yusuf

Analyst, Somalia