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CrisisWatch is our global conflict tracker, an early warning tool designed to help prevent deadly violence. It keeps decision-makers up-to-date with developments in over 70 conflicts and crises every month, identifying trends and alerting them to risks of escalation and opportunities to advance peace. In addition, CrisisWatch monitors over 50 situations (“standby monitoring”) to offer timely information if developments indicate a drift toward violence or instability. Entries dating back to 2003 provide easily searchable conflict histories.

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22 מאי 2024
The Islamic Republic has really focused on ideological conformity at the top rather than legitimacy from below. New York Times

Ali Vaez

Senior Adviser to the President & Project Director, Iran
21 מאי 2024
I think, hopefully, [the ICC arrest warrants] should give Israel's backers — the U.S., U.K., Germany, those providing arms to Israel — cause to reconsider that support. CBC

Brian Finucane

Senior Adviser, U.S.
10 מאי 2024
This resolution [for Palestinian UN membership] is a very clear signal to Israel and the US that it is time to take Palestinian statehood seriously. AFP

Richard Gowan

UN Director
7 מאי 2024
Iran is more aggressive in the region, more repressive at home, and closer to the verge of nuclear weapons than ever before. Voice of America

Ali Vaez

Senior Adviser to the President & Project Director, Iran
6 מאי 2024
[Israel is] actively creating the scenario of chaos [in Gaza] and doing absolutely nothing to fill that vacuum. Financial Times

Michael Wahid Hanna

Program Director, U.S.
2 מאי 2024
I'm pessimistic about the option of Hamas agreeing to a deal that doesn't have a permanent ceasefire baked into it. AFP

Mairav Zonszein

Senior Analyst, Israel

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Michael Wahid Hanna

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