Will Legal Challenges Derail Donald Trump’s Bid for Presidency?
Will Legal Challenges Derail Donald Trump’s Bid for Presidency?
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Will Legal Challenges Derail Donald Trump’s Bid for Presidency?

In this episode of Ripple Effect, Stephen Pomper and Michael Hanna are joined by Norm Eisen, senior fellow at Brookings and legal expert, to break down the various criminal and civil cases underway against Donald Trump and whether their outcome might prove decisive for the November elections. 

In this episode of Ripple Effect, Steve and Michael talk with Ambassador (ret.) Norm Eisen, senior fellow in governance studies at the Brookings Institution and expert on law, ethics and anti-corruption, about the legal challenges facing Donald Trump in the run-up to the November elections and their potential impact on the ballot. They unpack what’s behind each of the four criminal trials and other litigation currently underway against Trump and whether any of them has the potential to derail his run for the presidency. They look at the risk of a new spike in political violence as Trump’s legal battles unfold. They also discuss how Washington’s allies should navigate the fraught legal environment in the U.S. as the elections draw closer.

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Check out Norm’s latest New York Times monthly column titled “There Is Much More at Stake in Trump’s Manhattan Case Than Just Hush Money”. See also Jack Goldsmith's article in Lawfaree “The Consequences of Jack Smith’s Rush to Trial”. You can find more of Crisis Group’s analysis on U.S. foreign policy on our United States page.


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