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United States

While the U.S. remains the world's strongest military and economic power, its place and role on the international stage is shifting. There are potentially dramatic implications for international peace and security from a U.S. foreign policy that is increasingly inward-looking, less predictable, less multilateral, and more reliant on the threat or use of military force to achieve its objectives. In 2017, Crisis Group established its first program dedicated to analysing U.S. policy, understanding who makes and shapes it, and offering recommendations to help guide its trajectory. 

Reports & Briefings

Deep Freeze and Beyond: Making the Trump-Kim Summit a Success

Also available in 한국어, 简体中文

How Europe Can Save the Iran Nuclear Deal

Also available in العربية, فارسی

The Korean Peninsula Crisis (I): In the Line of Fire and Fury

Also available in 한국어, 简体中文

The Korean Peninsula Crisis (II): From Fire and Fury to Freeze-for-Freeze

Also available in 한국어, 简体中文

A New Roadmap to Make U.S. Sudan Sanctions Relief Work

In The News

13 Jun 2018
I think Kim wanted to win the hearts [of people] and draw some sympathy for himself and his regime, as part of an effort to weaken resolve to maintain sanctions and pressure. South China Morning Post

Michael Kovrig

Senior Adviser, North East Asia
28 May 2018
[South Korean] President Moon has brought South Korea into the middle of the frame (...) and he again showed Trump the mesmerizing all-consuming media impact that a summit can have — something that’s bound to appeal.”​ Time

Stephen Pomper

Program Director, United States
23 Apr 2018
Une certaine alchimie se développe entre [Président Trump et Président Macron] et qu’elle leur est mutuellement bénéfique. Il a eu un certain nombre de gestes qui ont démontré une forme de respect et cela était manifestement très important pour Président Trump. Radio France International

Stephen Pomper

Program Director, United States
12 Apr 2018
Normalement, ces avertissements servent à minimiser les risques d’escalade, par exemple, si les forces russes sont frappées par inadvertance. Mais le tweet était une provocation. Il jette de l’huile sur le feu. Le Temps

Stephen Pomper

Program Director, United States
23 Mar 2018
There are two views on [John] Bolton among the Israeli security establishment. There is a concern that he’s primarily an ideologue and there’s a risk to stability, and others who say he has decades of experience. The Washington Post

Ofer Zalzberg

Senior Analyst, Israel/Palestine
16 Mar 2018
The Trump administration’s move to the right with [former Secretary of State] Tillerson’s departure, [replaced by former CIA director Mike] Pompeo, signals further hardening of Washington’s stance. Bloomberg

Ali Vaez

Project Director, Iran

Latest Updates

Op-Ed / United States

Why Trump Should Take It Slow With Kim Jong Un

Any successful deal with North Korea will require an extraordinary amount of patience and attention to detail.

Originally published in Politico Magazine

Saving the Iran Nuclear Deal Without the U.S.

President Donald Trump withdrew the U.S. from the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement on 8 May 2018. This unilateral act deals a serious blow to the accord, but Europe and Iran can still work together to salvage it.

Mirror Images: The Standoff between Moscow and Western Capitals

Russia and the West are mired in mutual mistrust, sinking deeper with each contretemps in the post-Soviet space and every round of sanctions punishing perceived Russian malfeasance. A rapprochement appears unlikely soon, so both sides must open channels to avert confrontations where their interests collide.

How Europe Can Save the Iran Nuclear Deal

The U.S. is threatening to withdraw from the international agreement on Iran’s nuclear program if no one “fixes” it by President Donald Trump’s deadline of 12 May. The danger of deeper Middle East turmoil is great. Europe should salvage the deal no matter what Trump decides. 

Also available in العربية, فارسی
Op-Ed / United States

The US and ICC May Still Steer Past Each Other–Why and How

Since the International Criminal Court's prosecutor announced that she would seek permission to open an investigation into the situation in Afghanistan, the United States and the ICC have been on a slow motion collision course. The stakes are high for the court, and how these maneuvers unfold could have a profound impact on its future work.

Originally published in Just Security

Our People

Stephen Pomper

Program Director, United States

Daniel Schneiderman

Deputy Program Director, United States