Egypt and Gaza: Cairo Talks, Sinai Fears
Egypt and Gaza: Cairo Talks, Sinai Fears
Hold Your Fire
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Egypt and Gaza: Cairo Talks, Sinai Fears

This week on Hold Your Fire!, Richard speaks with Crisis Group’s experts Riccardo Fabiani, Michael Hanna and Dareen Khalifa about the Gaza war’s economic and political fallout for Egypt.

In this episode of Hold Your Fire!, Richard is joined by Crisis Group’s North Africa director Riccardo Fabiani, U.S. director Michael Hanna and Dareen Khalifa, Crisis Group’s senior dialogue adviser, to talk about the Gaza war’s impact on Egypt. They assess the latest round of ceasefire talks in Cairo and Egypt’s role as a mediator. They talk about Cairo’s fear, since 7 October, of Palestinians’ forced displacement from Gaza into Egypt’s Sinai region and the implications of an Israeli ground operation in Rafah. They look at how the war in Gaza has exacerbated Egypt’s economic woes, particularly given the Egyptian military’s outsized economic footprint and the country’s closed politics. They assess the significance of protests in solidarity with Palestinians and whether those might channel discontent at the government of President Abdul Fatah al-Sisi. They also explore Egypt’s position on Gaza’s future and interim governance arrangements. 

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