Understanding the Stakes of Climate Talks for Countries in Conflict

On 30 November, delegates gathered for the 28th iteration of the UN Climate Conference, where peace and security will be included on the thematic agenda for the first time. In this Q&A, Crisis Group expert Andrew Ciacci explains the significance of this step.

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The Israeli army has locked down the West Bank since 7 October, staging several incursions into Palestinian cities, as settler violence also rises. In this Q&A, Crisis Group expert Tahani Mustafa looks at the consequences of this escalation.

This week on War & Peace, Olga talks with Samuel Charap, Senior Political Scientist at the RAND Corporation, about the prospect (or lack thereof) of negotiations to end the war in Ukraine, what diplomacy would look like and what role Kyiv’s Western supporters would play in facilitating it.

In The News

25 lis 2023
Azerbaijan does not trust Western incentives for peace talks … [Azerbaijanis] would like to see more emphasis on issues such as investments and reconstruction. Nu.NL

Zaur Shiriyev

Analyst, South Caucasus
20 lis 2023
Russia wants negotiations … because it thinks that it can get … what it wants from this war … It doesn't mean that Russia is ready to accept any compromise. Newsweek

Oleg Ignatov

Senior Analyst, Russia
19 lis 2023
Arab states feel they should not be held responsible for Israel's conflict with the Palestinians, which to them stands at the origin of much that ails the region. Fox News

Joost Hiltermann

Program Director, Middle East and North Africa
15 lis 2023
Israel is seeking to change the reality on the ground in Gaza this time around and is not saying what exactly is its endgame. The National News

Michael Wahid Hanna

Program Director, U.S.
14 lis 2023
The Xi-Biden meeting provides an … opportunity for the two leaders to convey to each other that neither seeks to overturn the status quo or kinetic conflict. Newsweek

Amanda Hsiao

Senior Analyst, China
14 lis 2023
Myanmar needs Russia because it doesn't want to be isolated ... and they also need an alternative to China in the region. Newsweek

Oleg Ignatov

Senior Analyst, Russia

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