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Middle East & North Africa

CrisisWatch Middle East & North Africa

CrisisWatch is a monthly early warning bulletin designed to provide a regular update on the state of the most significant situations of conflict around the world.

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In The News

17 Feb 2017
The [Huthis] almost certainly receive some smuggled weapons, but these are not decisive in their ability to continue the war [in Yemen]. Voice of America

April Longley Alley

Senior Analyst, Arabian Peninsula
16 Feb 2017
I think it's fair to assume that Turkish reluctance to get further involved in the Aleppo fight was linked to its understanding with Russia regarding [Operation] Euphrates Shield. Al Jazeera

Noah Bonsey

Senior Analyst, Syria
16 Feb 2017
Essentially Netanyahu was presented with the choice between a one state or two [state solution]. But he is in favour of one state and a half. AFP

Ofer Zalzberg

Senior Analyst, Israel/Palestine
16 Feb 2017
The deep state is not official institutions rebelling [but] shadowy networks within those institutions, and within business, who are conspiring together and forming parallel state institutions. The New York Times

Issandr El Amrani

Project Director, North Africa
15 Feb 2017
Whether or not this state of suspended animation marks the beginning of Libya as a 'failed state' depends primarily on its economic standing. AFP

Claudia Gazzini

Senior Analyst, Libya
14 Feb 2017
Netanyahu is basically someone who is extremely risk-averse and wants to preserve stability at all costs. The Christian Science Monitor

Nathan Thrall

Senior Analyst, Israel/Palestine

Latest Updates

Les raids antiterroristes américains au Yémen, une arme aux mains d’Al-Qaida

Le nombre élevé de victimes du raid antiterroriste américain du 1er février au Yémen risque d’aggraver plutôt que d’aider à résoudre un conflit qui est la raison principale de l’expansion d’Al-Qaida dans la péninsule arabique (AQPA) dans ce pays dévasté. Sous forme de questions-réponses, April Longley Alley explique pourquoi.

Originally published in Orient XXI

Trump’s Threat to Arab-Israeli Peace

U.S. policy threatens to undo not only the two-state solution, but stable relations with Israel’s Arab neighbors.

Originally published in The Cairo Review of Global Affairs

Military Strikes Are No Simple Answer to al-Qaeda’s Rise in Yemen

High civilian casualties from the latest U.S. counter-terrorism raid in Yemen risk aggravating rather than helping to resolve a conflict that is the principal reason for the growth of al-Qaeda in the devastated country. 

Also available in العربية

Trump's Iran Deal Options

Why renegotiation is better than repudiation.

Originally published in Foreign Affairs

Our People

Joost Hiltermann

Program Director, Middle East and North Africa

Robert Blecher

Deputy Program Director, Middle East and North Africa

Issandr El Amrani

Project Director, North Africa

Sahar Atrache

Senior Analyst, Lebanon

Michaël Béchir Ayari

Senior Analyst, Tunisia

Noah Bonsey

Senior Analyst, Syria

Maria Fantappie

Senior Analyst

Claudia Gazzini

Senior Analyst, Libya