Defusing Azerbaijan’s Landmine Challenge

Azerbaijan is keen to resettle territories regained from Armenian control. Landmines are its largest headache. To woo foreign support, Baku should be more welcoming of outside expertise. Along with Yerevan, it should also unlink demining from the conflict and consider joining the landmine ban treaty.

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Fighting in cities across Sudan has left hundreds dead and trapped untold numbers at home in severe danger. If not halted, the conflict could become a devastating civil war. Local and outside actors should demand a humanitarian ceasefire, especially around Eid al-Fitr, followed by talks.

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The war in Ukraine has roiled Europe and shaken up the global economy. Its ripple effects will continue to be felt around the globe. Meanwhile, other crises loom. Here are the International Crisis Group’s Ten Conflicts to Watch in 2023.

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22 May 2023
Economic problems are fueling political discontent and democratic backsliding in countries ranging from Pakistan to Tunisia. Time

Richard Gowan

UN Director
19 May 2023
The Europeans feel that they are on the front line of instability in North Africa and in the Mediterranean. Euronews

Riccardo Fabiani

Project Director, North Africa
17 May 2023
It's important to remember that [Syrian president] Assad's return to the Arab League is a symbolic measure to begin the process of ending his regional isolation. AFP

Anna Jacobs

Senior Analyst, Gulf states
4 May 2023
Saudi Arabia is seeking to assert itself more and more on the international stage through mediation and raising its diplomatic profile. CNN

Anna Jacobs

Senior Analyst, Gulf states
3 May 2023
The Horn is highly strategic, and a microcosm of other international disputes. The Economist

Comfort Ero

President & CEO
3 May 2023
Any release of prisoners is of course welcome for the individuals and their families, but this does not represent any sort of concession by the regime [in Myanmar]. AFP

Richard Horsey

Senior Adviser, Myanmar

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