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In The News

25 Aug 2016
Inside the country, especially in the north, [Yemen's war] is viewed as an American war. It's an American and Saudi war against Yemen. NPR

April Longley Alley

Senior Analyst, Arabian Peninsula
24 Aug 2016
If 'Syria' – presumably meaning the state within existing boundaries – is to be 'saved' the U.S. will need to strike a deal with at least Russia over the terms – and this will entail painful compromises. Carnegie Europe

Joost Hiltermann

Program Director, Middle East and North Africa
24 Aug 2016
Two years of military rule haven't really resolved any of the fundamental problems [in Thailand] ... and the constitution won't succeed in doing that either. The day of reckoning is just being delayed. AP

Matthew Wheeler

Analyst, Thailand
18 Aug 2016
The over-focus on a new peacekeeping mandate at the expense of political developments in the country [South Sudan] reflects international disunity and a lack of political strategy. Washington Post
18 Aug 2016
Victory in Sirte will not help the political and military divisions in the country [Libya]. If left to linger, the situation will further deteriorate. Financial Times

Claudia Gazzini

Senior Analyst, Libya
18 Aug 2016
The media have turned Pastor Evan [leader of the Zimbabwean protest movement #ThisFlag] into some kind of symbolic messiah, which he’s not. Daily Maverick

Piers Pigou

Senior Consultant, Southern Africa


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Katanga : Le cœur minier de la RDC sous tension

Alors que le régime ne cesse de retarder la prochaine échéance électorale, la montée des tensions et la répression étatique au Katanga, une région riche en ressources, pourraient être les prémices d'une escalade de la violence. Sans un dialogue national crédible et l'amélioration des relations entre le pouvoir central et les nouvelles provinces, le pays pourrait plonger dans une crise semblable à celle qu'il a connu à la fin des années 1990.

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