Bab al-Mandab, Yemen 0
14 December 2021

The Supreme Council the Gulf Cooperation Council voiced willingness “to cooperate and deal seriously and effectively with the Iranian nuclear file”, emphasised “the need for the GCC countries to participate in any negotiations with Iran” and denounced “Iran for failing to adhere to its international commitments regarding Uranium enrichment”. The GCC further underlined “the need to address the destabilising behaviour of [Iran in] the region and support extremist sectarian militias… the Iranian missile program, including ballistic and cruise missiles and drones, the safety of international navigation and oil installations and the continuation of coordination and consultation with brotherly and friendly countries in this regard”. They also condemned “Iran's interference into Yemen’s domestic affairs and smuggling weapons to Huthi militias”. Iran’s diplomatic spokesperson condemned the statement and asserted: “the Islamic Republic does not brook any interference in its peaceful nuclear energy program, its defensive missile program and the issues that have to do with its military and deterrent defensive policies”.

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