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Strikes over rising fuel prices triggered anti-govt protests country-wide, leading to violent clashes with police; authorities reached deal with protestors mid-month, largely ending contestation.

Growing economic hardship triggered protests that turned violent. Truck drivers 5-9 Dec held strikes, particularly in country’s south, to protest against rise in fuel prices, as diesel cost had nearly doubled since Jan 2022. Protests spread across country as thousands 14-15 Dec took to streets to demand lower prices, notably in southern city of Maan, capital Amman and northern city of Irbid; young demonstrators reportedly set fire to tyres to block highways and attacked public buildings, while anti-riot police fired tear gas as part of clampdown. Notably, as clashes between protesters and anti-riot police 15 Dec erupted in Maan, unknown assailant shot dead police officer. Security forces 19 Dec launched raid on suspected killer’s hideout, killing one alleged militant who allegedly embraced “takfiri radical ideology”, arresting five and seizing stash of weapons; operation left three police officers dead.

Authorities agreed to meet protester’s demands, which largely appeased tensions. Protests largely ended after truck drivers and govt 17 Dec signed agreement in which govt pledged to meet protesters’ demands, although sporadic anti-govt demonstrations in southern provinces continued. Authorities 17 Dec reported that 44 people had been arrested over protests.

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Ofer Zalzberg

Former Senior Analyst, Arab-Israeli Conflict
4 Aug 2017
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Ofer Zalzberg

Former Senior Analyst, Arab-Israeli Conflict

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