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South Sudan

CrisisWatch South Sudan

Unchanged Situation

Ethnic Shilluk rebels under Johnson Olony, part of Riek Machar’s Sudan People’s Liberation Army-In Opposition (SPLA-IO), defeated rebels under Gen. Tanginye and Gen. Yohannes Okiech, part of forces loyal to Lam Akol, chairman of opposition Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-Democratic Change (SPLM-DC) party, early Jan in former Upper Nile state; Tanginye, Okiech and prisoners killed in fighting. Rebels and govt forces clashed several times around Malakal, Khor and Gabat, former Upper Nile state late Jan. After U.S. proposed UNSC resolution including sanctions and arms embargo late Dec, govt refused to meet U.S. Asst Sec State Thomas-Greenfield on visit to Juba 18 Jan. President Kiir 14 Jan created four new states bringing total to 32. Kiir’s meeting with Egyptian President Sisi in Cairo 9 Jan strained relations with Ethiopia which has rejected Egypt troop contributions to proposed UN Regional Protection Force in S Sudan. Kenyan authorities detained two S Sudanese opposition figures 23 and 24 Jan on unknown charges pending deportation.

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Reports & Briefings

In The News

1 Dec 2016
From the war's outset the UN never tried to maintain a death toll [in South Sudan]. Guesses vary from 50,000 up to 300,000. It demonstrates a shocking lack of humanity that no one has tried to establish the scale of violence. Reuters
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Casie Copeland

Senior Analyst
18 Aug 2016
The over-focus on a new peacekeeping mandate at the expense of political developments in the country [South Sudan] reflects international disunity and a lack of political strategy. Washington Post
13 Aug 2016
We need some kind of political solution to this conflict, and this resolution doesn’t do that. Financial Times
9 Aug 2016
It's time for real talk because while the diplomats are playing games, it will be the South Sudanese who are dying Los Angeles Times
18 Jul 2016
It [South Sudan's peace agreement] halted the fighting, created a framework for reform, transitional justice and elections and prevented regional powers being further sucked into South Sudan's war AFP

Latest Updates

Commentary / Africa

South Sudan’s Risky Political Impasse

International actors are struggling to respond to the evolving situation in South Sudan, meanwhile regional actors are busy creating facts on the ground.

Commentary / Africa

De-escalating South Sudan’s New Flare-up

In this Q&A, senior analyst for South Sudan, Casie Copeland, explains what is behind the fighting in Juba and what can help prevent the conflict spiralling out of control.

Statement / Africa

Preventing Renewed War in South Sudan

The honeymoon period is now over for the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan, which formally ended the civil war in August 2015. Its guarantors need to act urgently in the next days to save it and prevent the country from returning to full-scale combat.

Report / Africa

South Sudan’s South: Conflict in the Equatorias

The 2015 Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan reached a milestone with the formation of a transitional government in Juba in April. Yet fault lines like those in the Equatorias remain outstanding. A committed, inclusive political response is vital to stop low-level conflicts continuing indefinitely.