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Chad: Avoiding Confrontation in Miski

Risks of an escalation in Tibesti are high as friction is rising between the state, gold miners and the local ethnic Teda population. The government should lift what has become a blockade of the village of Miski, dial back its rhetoric and enter talks with the population.


In The News

15 May 2019
[If sanctions fail to bring down the Iranian economy] there will be people in Washington who will push for limited kinetic action against the Iranian regime to cut it down to size. NYT

Ali Vaez

Project Director, Iran
13 May 2019
[Armed groups in Burkina Faso] have every interest in troubling or going against the good understanding between religions. NYT

Rinaldo Depagne

Senior Adviser Africa & Project Director West Africa
12 May 2019
[Au Sahel] les chancelleries occidentales ont des demandes contradictoires : elles veulent une solution politique, mais elles interdisent d’inviter les jihadistes autour de la table. Libération

Ibrahim Yahaya Ibrahim

Consulting Analyst, Sahel
12 May 2019
While China is increasingly active across the UN, other states are suspicious of its stances on human rights and development. But it is the indispensable power in climate talks now. AFP

Richard Gowan

UN Director
9 May 2019
[Iran has] increasingly less to lose because the U.S. sanctions have effectively deprived them of all the benefits that the nuclear deal promised. USA Today

Ali Vaez

Project Director, Iran
9 May 2019
The reckless foreign policy decision by Trump to walk away from a deal that was working has now placed the United States into a corner with no realistic strategy for how to get out. The Hill

Robert Malley

President & CEO


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Report / Africa

Tchad : sortir de la confrontation à Miski

Les tensions croissantes entre le gouvernement, les chercheurs d’or et la population teda du Tibesti font craindre une escalade sécuritaire au Nord du Tchad, dans un contexte régional fragile. Les autorités devraient desserrer l’étau autour de la localité de Miski, éviter les discours réducteurs et rechercher le dialogue.

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