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Southern Thailand’s Peace Dialogue: No Traction

The August bombings in seven of Thailand's tourist towns portend a wider conflict, while the peace dialogue process has lost momentum. To get back on track, fragmented militants must end doubtful hopes of victory through violence, and the government must commit to a comprehensive settlement, including decentralisation and respect for the deep south’s Malay-Muslim identity.

In The News

23 Sep 2016
What is counter-productive is to give false hopes, to give the impression to Syrians that peace is around the corner. BBC Newshour

Jean-Marie Guéhenno

President & CEO
22 Sep 2016
The Afghan government's rationale for reaching a peace deal with [Gulbuddin Hekmatyar] is aimed at encouraging other insurgent groups to join the negotiation process. Los Angeles Times

Timor Sharan

Senior Analyst, Afghanistan
22 Sep 2016
Maintenant qu'il a validé le plus vaste programme d'assistance jamais offert par les États-Unis, Obama peut se sentir libre de prendre des décisions susceptibles de déplaire à Israël. Le Figaro

Nathan Thrall

Senior Analyst, Israel/Palestine
16 Sep 2016
Yemen is arguably the worst humanitarian crisis in the region with over 21 million in need of assistance. The longer the fighting continues, the more difficult it will be for any government to pick up the pieces. The Guardian

April Longley Alley

Senior Analyst, Arabian Peninsula
15 Sep 2016
[General Haftar] can pitch himself as the man who liberated the oil terminals. Even his detractors will be happy with that and will recognise – if this does actually work out – that this was a good move. Middle East Eye

Claudia Gazzini

Senior Analyst, Libya
15 Sep 2016
It is clear Mugabe's capacities have diminished significantly, his ability to hold things together is doubtful. I don't think [he] has faced this kind of pressure before. AFP

Piers Pigou

Senior Consultant, Southern Africa


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