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10 Aug 2017
[Frustration] has created space for a wider policy debate in China, between those who think China has to stand behind North Korea and those who call for abandoning it and cooperating more with the U.S. The Washington Post

Michael Kovrig

Senior Adviser, North East Asia
6 Jul 2017
Chinese analysts continue to argue that no amount of pressure, short of what might cause a collapse, will bring North Korea to denuclearize. The Washington Post

Michael Kovrig

Senior Adviser, North East Asia
15 May 2017
China is putting a lot of capital and institutional effort behind the Belt and Road. But it’s not going to reshape Asia in a few years. It will take a couple of decades to assess the impact, if China sticks with it. The Washington Post

Michael Kovrig

Senior Adviser, North East Asia
14 May 2017
The main significance of [China's Belt and Road Forum] is optics: Making Xi Jinping look presidential and effective at home and making China look rich and powerful on the world stage. Bloomberg

Michael Kovrig

Senior Adviser, North East Asia
22 Aug 2016
[China’s relations with its neighbors have deteriorated significantly, as the region continues to engage in an arms race.] Before, the region was in the process of economic integration, the building of multilateral institutions, and regional governance by consensus. But in recent years, that has all been unraveling. In its place you have an arms race and the building-up of deterrents and the fracturing of multilateral institutions. It’s not good. The Washington Post

Yanmei Xie

Former Senior Analyst, China

Latest Updates

Op-Ed / Asia

The Philippines' Misguided Plan to Stop South China Sea Tensions

Cooperating on oil won't work - but fishing might.

Originally published in The National Interest

Commentary / Asia

Landmark South China Sea Ruling Could Revive Negotiations

An international tribunal has issued a sweeping ruling against China in a landmark case brought by the Philippines over disputed claims in the South China Sea. Beijing rejected the ruling, but the judgment’s legal clarity could ultimately provide the basis of a better, durable, negotiated outcome for the many parties involved.

Op-Ed / Asia

Avoiding a Military Showdown in the South China Sea

The Hague’s looming decision on a Filipino challenge to Chinese claims could reverse the region’s collision course.

Originally published in The Wall Street Journal