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Country signed reconciliation deal to end three-and-a-half-year intra-Gulf dispute. Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emiratesand Bahrain agreed to reopen their land, air and sea borders with Qatar after all four states and Egypt 5 Jan signed al-Ula Declaration at Gulf Cooperation Council summit in Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh; agreement ends three-and-a-half-year blockade of Doha by three neighbouring states and Egypt who cut ties with Qatar in July 2017.

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5 Sep 2021
The US and other Western countries welcome Qatari mediation because of their [own] limited interactions with the Taliban [in Afghanistan]. France 24

Dina Esfandiary

Senior Advisor, Middle East and North Africa
11 Jul 2017
The questions for Saudi Arabia and the Emirates are: Was this the best way to signal their discontent? Was the decision to isolate Qatar the right one? And, perhaps most ... Huffington Post

Robert Malley

Former President & CEO
4 Jul 2017
While a compromise [between Qatar and Saudi Arabia and its allies] is possible, there currently is a stalemate because both sides are hearing the voices they want to hear... Financial Times

Robert Malley

Former President & CEO
2 Jul 2017
By virtue of their relative size (both geographic and financial), Qatar will always be weaker [than Saudi Arabia]. But not weak enough to make finances and business deals... AFP

Robert Blecher

Program Director, Future of Conflict

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