Strait of Hormuz 0
8 May 2019

CENTCOM commander Kenneth McKenzie asserted that "the long-term, enduring, most significant threat to stability in the Central Command AOR [Area of Responsibility] is Iran... their hegemonic ambitions, their misbehaviour, their threats to us and our partners in the region, have been consistent elements of the regime's policy for many years". He added that "we know that the Iranian regime knows what our military capabilities are, and they have a healthy respect for them... and while they have avoided direct military conflict with the U.S. and our partners, they have demonstrated the willingness and ability to attack our people, our interests and our friends and allies in the confusing, complex zone just short of armed conflict". McKenzie also addressed the U.S. decision to boost military assets in the region following "escalatory indications" from Iran, stating that "we're not seeking a fight with the Iranian regime, but we do have a military force that's designed to be agile, adaptive and prepared to respond to a variety of contingencies in the Middle East and around the world... if a fight is to be had, we'll be fully prepared to respond and defend our interests - and it won't be a fair fight". 

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