Iraq 0
10 October 2020

The “Coordinating Body of the Iraqi Resistance” made up of Iraqi militias announced “the cessation of its operations against foreign, especially American forces and interests in Iraq”. A spokesperson for Kataib Hizbollah maintained that “the truce came after major personalities intervened and mediated in order to persuade these factions to stop the bombing operations until the end of the American election”. He also emphasised that “if America insists on staying and doesn’t respect the parliament’s decision then the factions will use all the weapons at their disposal”. Reacting to the announcement, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on October 14 remarked that “we are happy that the Iraqis are doing more to provide increased security for our team on the ground there”, adding: “Our mission is clear. We’ve been there to try and help build out a sovereign, independent, free Iraq capable – with a capable economy, capable set of resources. It’s what the Iraqi people want, and I think the Iraqi people have come to understand that the malign activity that the Iranians are engaged in, including through the proxy forces… I think the Iraqi people understand who’s the force for good in the region”.

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