Iraq 0
13 December 2019

In a statement, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo asserted that “Iran’s proxies have recently conducted several attacks against bases where Iraqi Security Forces are co-located with U.S. and International Coalition personnel”, citing 9 December and 11 December rocket attacks at Baghdad International Airport. “The U.S. will continue to work hand-in-hand with our Iraqi partners”, Pompeo continued, adding that “we must also use this opportunity to remind Iran’s leaders that any attacks by them, or their proxies of any identity, that harm Americans, our allies or our interests will be met with a decisive U.S. response”. He further underscored that “Iran must respect the sovereignty of its neighbours and immediately cease its provision of lethal aid and support to third parties in Iraq and throughout the region”. Iran’s government spokesperson subsequently insisted that “the U.S. has provided no evidence for its false claim. Not even a witness… The unwarranted situation in Iraq where people are on the streets and ISIS is coming to power and the ambiguous conditions are caused by the Americans themselves”.

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