Iraq 0
15 July 2020

Discussing Iraqi Shiite militia, CENTCOM Commander Kenneth McKenzie assessed that attacks on Iraqi bases hosting U.S. forces “to date have been relatively minor, but we watch them and could very quickly turn into a major, major problem… I think they’re driven, at least partially, by the fact that they were not able to get the solution they wanted politically in Iraq”. McKenzie went on to state that “whether Iran is telling them the attack or not, the weapons are enabled by Iran. So, there’s clear Iranian ownership, at least moral ownership with what these groups do, even if they’re not actually pulling the trigger and saying attack this base tonight”. He further noted: “the government of Iraq is reaching out, and they’re being very aggressive and very helpful in attempting to reduce these attacks. I think because of that, we have seen a lower number of attacks on U.S. bases than we would have otherwise seen over the last few weeks”.

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