13 April 2024

In response to the 1 April strike, attributed to Israel, against its consulate and senior IRGC commanders in Damascus, Iran launched airstrikes against Israel. According to the IDF, Israel and allied forces intercepted 99 per cent of 300-plus missiles and drones fired from Iran, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen. “Only a few [ballistic missiles] crossed into Israeli territory… These fell at the Nevatim Air Force Base, causing only minor damage to infrastructure”, an Israeli military spokesperson indicated. President Biden condemned what he described as “an unprecedented air attack against military facilities in Israel”. The following day, Iran’s military chief of staff highlighted that “our operations are over and we have no intention to continue them”, with the IRGC commander warning: “From now on, if the Zionist regime attacks our interests, assets, figures and citizens at any point, it will face counterattack from within the Islamic Republic of Iran”.

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