Israel 0
14 February 2019

In an interview with Voice of America's Persian service, Prime Minister Netanyahu indicated that "my concern is not that Iran violates the [nuclear] deal. My concern is that Iran keeps the deal... because I think it paves the way to the nuclear arsenal". "The deal produced megabucks, enormous, a cornucopia of riches", he added. "Where is it? Where's the money? Why are the people of Iran suffering? Because this regime is squandering that money on foreign aggression". Asked about the impact of sanction on Iran's support for regional allies, Netanyahu asserted that "the money is drying out... the deprivation of the money means that they have to cut back both for Hizbollah, the Huthis and Hamas - the 'three H's" - but also in Syria they're cutting back because they don't have it". On Israel's campaign against Iran inside Syria, Netanyahu assessed that it had "by and large" succeeded, but "not completely... they're still there, but they would have been in a much greater presence if we hadn't done it. And in fact, the presence has shrunken somewhat". 

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