Tehran 0
21 December 2019

During a visit to Japan, President Rouhani asserted that “we have no problem with talking with the U.S. about our problems if they return from the wrong path that they have taken in the past 1.5 years… we should not hail someone who has done something wrong and violated the law, but in the meantime, we should not close the door, giving the wrongdoer the chance to compensate what he has done”. He went on to emphasise that “America claims that they have not created any problem for the Iranian nation’s access to foodstuff and medicine, but you know it well that when they disrupt the banking system, all our economic exchanges will have problems”. “The Americans have made miscalculations. In Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Palestine and everywhere, they have made miscalculations, including in Iran”, Rouhani added.

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