Tehran 0
29 May 2019

Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei held that “we will not negotiate with U.S. officials. Because there is no point negotiating and it is detrimental… their strategy is not negotiation. It is pressure. Khamenei argued that “there is [a] consensus among executive officials that negotiating with the U.S. is absolutely not advised”. He further clarified that “we have no problems negotiating with others or with Europeans”. Commending Iran’s partial suspension of its JCPOA commitments, Khamenei indicated that “the only way for us is to apply our tactics of pressure in face of the pressures that the U.S. applies. Contrary to their propaganda, these tactics are not military, though we might use military means if we find it necessary”. He went on to underscore that “we are not after nuclear weapons”, indicating that "some have suggested producing but not using nuclear weapons", though he dismissed this as "wrong".

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