Tehran 0
3 December 2020

Foreign Minister Javad Zarif asserted that “the U.S. must implement without preconditions its obligations under the JCPOA. It has to show its good faith, it has to establish its bona fides, then Iran will go back in full compliance with JCPOA”, adding: “We will not renegotiate a deal which we negotiated”. He also noted that “the issue of missile[s] and the issue of regional security were deliberately put aside by all sides not because they gave a concession to Iran but because the other sides were not prepared to end their malign behaviour is this area”. Discussing the idea of further prisoner swaps, Zarif maintained that “we can always engage in that, it is in the interests of everybody”. “In fact, there are several proposals by Iran on the table… I have suggested a global exchange of Iranian prisoners”, he added

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