Tehran 0
5 November 2019

President Rouhani announced that as of 6 November, “injecting gas to the centrifuges in Fordow will begin, a move that may raise concerns… whenever they [i.e. the other parties to the nuclear deal] fulfil their obligations, this step can be reversed”. Iran’s atomic energy agency chief subsequently indicated that uranium enrichment rates at the site would rise to 5 per cent. Foreign Minister Javad Zarif commented that “our response to U.S. economic terrorism and blackmail is opposite of what President Trump was led to believe”. “Our fourth step to suspend a JCPOA provision is foreseen in Paragraph 36 as remedy to U.S. and E3 violations”, he added, stating that there was an “easy solution for the E3/EU: Abide by your obligations and we'll reverse course”.

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