11 April 2024

Amid reports that was Iran preparing to retaliate for the 1 April strike in Damascus attributed to Israel, an Israeli military spokesperson asserted that “we are ready for attack and defence using a variety of capabilities that the IDF has, and also ready with our strategic partners… Our strategic relationship with the U.S. armed forces is strong and tight”. He further affirmed that “an attack from Iranian territory would be clear proof of Iranian intentions to escalate the situation in the Middle East, and to stop hiding behind the proxies”. The same day, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke to several foreign counterparts “to make clear that escalation is not in anyone’s interest and that countries should urge Iran not to escalate”, while a White House spokesperson said: “We have warned Iran not to use this attack as a pretext to escalate further in the region or to attack U.S. facilities or personnel”.

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