Washington 0
13 May 2020

A senior U.S. diplomat assessed that “the Iranian threat… is actually severe and getting worse on some fronts, and the Iranians continue to make progress on the nuclear front, etc. So this is a growing concern of ours”. Asked about “incidents lately that kind of increase that urgency about the Iranian threat”, the official replied: “the most obvious thing is that you see things oftentimes blowing up in Syria… what appears to be increased Israeli operational tempo and broadening its target set”. The official went on to say that “the Iranians are still certainly provocative. Maybe in some places slow down operational tempo a little bit… There are [COVID-19] curfews so it is hard for their proxy militias to go out at night and try and kill Americans. But they still go, and the threat is still there, and they’re still planning and they’re still shooting. Their allies in Iraq continue to shoot rockets at U.S. facilities”.

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