Washington 0
14 February 2019

Addressing differing views between the U.S. and Europe regarding the JCPOA, Secretary Pompeo indicated that "we've urged them... not to disrupt the sanctions regime that's out there. They've now come up with this thing called the SPV. I'm very hopeful that it'll be what they say it is and no more, where - a place where unsanctioned goods, humanitarian aid, can move through. If that's the case, it'll have nearly no impact on the important deliverable from our sanctions, which is to deny Qasem Soleimani and his terrorist regime the resources to inflict so much terror and tragedy all around the world". Asked about possible U.S. efforts to disrupt the Iranian missile program, Pompeo replied "I don't talk about lots of the activities that countries may take covertly. But make no mistake about it, America using all of its levers of power to reduce the capacity for Iran to build out a missile program... we're doing everything we can to slow down Iran's capacity to build out those missiles, and we've done it with the blessing of the UN Security Council under [resolution] 2231". 

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